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  1. Detach the auto timer alarm on the oven – tenants sometimes report the stove faulty when the timer goes off, or the oven won’t work
  2. Trim back bushes and trees for easier access and better sunlight
  3. Line cupboards, shelves and bottom of drawers with lino off-cuts
  4. Rub around doors, drawers and cupboards with a white candle to stop them sticking
  5. Change smoke alarms batteries when the clocks change – 60% of smoke detectors have no battery, or the battery is flat
  6. Buy a red flashing LED light unit from the $2 shop – looks like it has a burglar alarm system
  7. Fit door stops on all internal doors to prevent damage and save you $$$heaps in repair bills
  8. Put new element foil liners in your electric stove top and oven to make it look smarter
  9. Oil all door hinges with light oil or CRC
  10. Fit a smoke alarm above the door inside each bedroom – NOT in the kitchen!
  11. Fit an outflow into the drain for the washing machine – saves any damage from overflowing
  12. Check taps for drips and stiffness – change washers and re-seat taps
  13. Make all power outlets doubles and ensure there are plenty of them
  14. Hang a new shower curtain and rail
  15. Fit a new toilet seat, toilet roll holder and toilet brush
  16. Fit a fire extinguisher in the kitchen
  17. Lock outhouses and sheds with a strong padlock from a Locksmith, rather than a cheap little padlock from the Warehouse
  18. Replace the stove with a reconditioned one
  19. Provide a plastic bucket, mop, sponge, cloth, cleaning products, gloves – lets the tenant know you like the place to be kept clean
  20. Fit deadlocks to all exterior doors
  21. Fit sensor lights outside the front door, on the pathway, on steps
  22. Paint the interior walls and ceilings – any colour you like as long as it is white – avoid wallpaper!
  23. Put automatic lights inside cupboards so they come on when you open the door
  24. Fit an extractor fan in the kitchen – this is a new compliance requirement for the Healthy Homes Standards
  25. Wash outside of building and get paths water blasted
  26. New kitchen benchtops and repainted unit doors/drawers with new handles work wonders
  27. Make sure all windows and doors close properly and securely, fit insulation foam around frames – this is a new compliance requirement for the Healthy Homes Standards
  28. Provide whiteware – fridge, freezer, washing machine, drier, microwave
  29. Fit a dishwasher in the kitchen
  30. Replace light switches and lampshades
  31. Provide a dehumidifier
  32. Provide heating: heat pump, flat panel wall heater – this is a new compliance requirement for the Healthy Homes Standards
  33. Replace all light bulbs with 100 watt bulbs – makes the place seem brighter and bigger
  34. Insulate the property with batts and/or polystyrene insulation – this is a new compliance requirement for the Healthy Homes Standards
  35. Get full insurance cover that includes a Landlord’s Extension
  36. Build a carport – quick, cheap and simple way to make the property more attractive to tenants AND add capital value
  37. Build a new fence. Offers security and privacy, and looks good. Also check to see if your neighbours would consider paying half the costs
  38. Paint the outside of the property
  39. Fit an extractor fan in bathroom – this is a new compliance requirement for the Healthy Homes Standards
  40. Wash all the walls and ceilings
  41. Fit a new letterbox
  42. Steam clean the carpets
  43. Fit new curtains
  44. Have the lawns and garden regularly maintained and build the cost into the rent
  45. Fit a burglar alarm
  46. Have the existing (old and rippled) carpet stretched and re-edged
  47. Renovate the bathroom
  48. Offer your property inclusive of power and internet, and build the cost into the rent
  49. Fit an outside light by the front or back door, or on the path, or by the garage/car deck
  50. Replace or repaint the front door
  51. Change all the internal doorknobs
  52. Install a rangehood or extractor fan over the stove – this is a new compliance requirement for the Healthy Homes Standards
  53. Put a new doormat at the front door
  54. Change deadlock barrels and keys with each new tenancy
  55. Send your tenant a bottle of wine and a card at Christmas to thank them for being great tenants
  56. Use carpet off-cuts in hallways and entrances to protect carpet from wear and staining
  57. Fit a large screen TV in the livingroom for the tenant’s use
  58. Fit an alarm system – $500 to $1500
  59. Fit keyed window locks
  60. Fit window stays to all ground floor opening windows
  61. Get friendly with the neighbours
  62. Join (or form) a local Neighbourhood Watch group
  63. Sign up to


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