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How Much Does It Cost?

You’ll find our Management Fee structure simple, transparent, and very easy to understand. The aim has always been to deliver a quality service that’s responsive, effective and affordable. You won’t find any hidden costs, charges or fees buried in the small print or tacked on to the end of your monthly statements.

Before going into more detail, consider this – if your investment property is rented out for, say, $500 per week, your property manager is going to work out costing you about $50 plus GST per week. With your investment property worth many thousands of dollars, think how much other professionals can charge PER HOUR to give you their services, and weigh that up against the minimal cost of having such a valuable asset professionally looked after.

If you’re comparing our fee structure with other companies that list a lower Management Fee percentage, make sure you’re not going to be charged for anything else at the end of the month. Using the earlier example, some very common extra hidden costs can easily add up to another $30 per month, which translates into an additional 2% on top of the Management Fee.

You’ll be charged the following Management fees for the services we provide:

One Management Fee          10% plus GST of rents collected
Advertising Campaign          $399 inc. GST – charged only when your property is available for rent.

This package includes:

 The Advertising campaign is an all-in-one cost to you each time your property becomes vacant and needs to be advertised as available for rent. Included in this package are five high profile online channels, social media postings, and a subscription-based Credit Rating and Background Check service.

The One Management Fee and other charges are subject to variation. managemyproperty will notify you in writing 30 days prior to any changes or alterations in fees and charges. All fees and charges are quoted excluding GST, which is levied as a separate itemised charge on your statements.

What managemyproperty DOESN’T Do

As with many services, you can often find all kinds of hidden charges, fees, tariffs and expenses which add up to a whole lot more than you thought.

The best thing you can do is read the small print, but now that you know what managemyproperty does offer you, it’s equally important that you understand what managemyproperty doesn’t charge you, and it’s a long list:

  • No Letting or Tenanting Fee charged to our Client Owners
  • No hidden costs, fees or charges
  • No fee for rental appraisals
  • No disbursement fee
  • No monthly ‘Administration’ fee
  • No maintenance premium on invoices
  • No charge for video inspections
  • No annual fee
  • No holding fees
  • No maintenance bond
  • No charges for digital photos
  • No charge for regular inspections
  • No travel costs or mileage fees
  • No charge for Credit Checks
  • No charge for Annual Financial Statements
  • No $500 charge if you sell your rental
  • No professional photography fee
  • No Video Walk-Through costs
  • No Property Condition Report fees
  • No Tenancy Renewal fee
  • No Tenancy Database Check fee
  • No charges for Tribunal/Court Attendance
  • No Furniture Inventory charges
  • No Insurance Claim processing fee
  • No Disbursement fee
  • No “Special Payment” Fee
  • No repairs and maintenance fee
  • No Rent Increase fee
  • No “Outside of Normal Hours” charge

Something else we don’t do is look after your investment like it’s our own. Why? Because managemyproperty regards your investment in rental property as a business decision, and so we approach the management of your investment in a businesslike way – it’s a business and should be making you an effective ongoing return on your money.

Your property will be managed professionally, efficiently, and in full compliance with all current legislation.

Above all, it will always be yours, and that means you are always in control.

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