Who are we?

AMY JORDAN | Chief Reality Officer

Amy JordanAmy is in charge of the Hutt Valley team and seems to be even more detail-focussed than a regular person has any right to be, if that’s possible! She brings a new level of order, control and technical excellence to our processes, and is making a huge impact on the strength and viability of our systems. Her 7 years of frontline experience means she knows what she’s doing.

She also knows the area very well as she grew up in Upper Hutt, and still lives there. Her local knowledge and fearsome attention to detail make her the Chief Reality Officer.

A touring trip to Canada, cruising on a luxury ship, and a ride in a hot air balloon are her Top 3 bucket list items.

Office: 04 974 5869
Mobile: 021 475 336
Email: amy.jordan@managemyproperty.co.nz

Kathrine PEARCE | Property Manager

Kathrine has recently joined us, bringing with her a great deal of experience from the business development side of the Property Management industry. She’s taking on the responsibility of looking after our Wellington property owners, and as a former BDM is particularly skilled at researching and appraising top quality rentals.

Kathrine has a young daughter, and a small fluffy dog. She’s an avid reader of books, is scared of the dark, and if she ever won Lotto she’d donate to a children’s charity for underprivileged kids, and buy a caravan to travel all over New Zealand.

Office: 04 475 7766
Mobile: 021 475 223
Email: kathrine.pearce@managemyproperty.co.nz

LEANNE TAPARA | Head of Certain Things

Leanne TaparaLeanne joined us in 2019 as an already experienced Property Manager, but she too finally saw the light and joined our team. She’s an insanely dedicated dog lover who has four of her own, and you’ll usually find her walking up on the firebreaks in the Hutt Valley hills in her spare time.

Leanne is also fully trained with more than three years of property management experience, and is qualified to Level 4 in Property Management.

She used to be a rapper in a band years ago, and if she won Lotto, she reckons she would set up a pig sanctuary in the country somewhere.

Office: 04 475 7766
Mobile: 021 475 521
Email: leanne.tapara@managemyproperty.co.nz

Kristina ROMIJN | Property Manager

Kristina is another recent addition to our team, and brings with her 14 years of property management experience. She’s very excited to join managemyproperty, and is qualified to Level 4 in Property Management.

She has an unusually good memory which has to be pretty useful in this industry, and if she had a choice of super powers she would choose time travel.

Office: 04 475 7766
Mobile: 021 475 820
Email: kristina.romijn@managemyproperty.co.nz

RACHEL MOORE Letting Legend

Rachel MooreRachel has several years of experience in the subtle art of letting and tenanting. She is the expert on advertising, presenting and viewing all our available properties.

She’s also highly adept at securing really good tenants and is the first point of contact for all our new tenancies.

Rachel is an avid book reader, and a coffee lover too.

Office: 04 475 7766
Mobile: 021 887 375
Email: rachel.moore@managemyproperty.co.nz

LISA WHITE | Office Oracle

Lisa WhiteAs the job description suggests, Lisa is all seeing and all knowing. Lisa has a strong administration and customer service background, with certificates in Retail and First Aid. Her two kids keep her pretty busy, and she bought a house recently so she’s spending a lot of time doing renovations.

Lisa has world travel on her “To Do” list, with Italy at the top of the list and Scotland pops up as another pin on her map.

Like a lot of us, she still hasn’t worked out what she wants to be when she grows up.

Office: 04 475 7766
Mobile: 021 128 6544
Email: lisa.white@managemyproperty.co.nz

RICHARD HORNE | Fearless Leader

Fearless LeaderRichard started the business with nothing, and he says he still has most of it left. As an established investor he has a stake in the Wellington market with his own rentals. This means he fully understands the highs and lows that go along with rental investment.

It’s been his privilege to look after and manage countless Client Owner’s properties and learn the many different strategies that investors follow. With over 20 years experience managing property, Richard can answer most questions. He may not have “seen it all” but there’s not much left that surprises him.

As a practicing coffee snob, classic car fan and a quirky guitar collector, Richard keeps the whole team happy, productive and engaged on every level. He has even been known to make coffee for everyone AND do the washing up.

Office: 0800 277 299
Email: office@managemyproperty.co.nz

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