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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do quotes for maintenance jobs?

For maintenance jobs that may cost more than twice the limit set in your Management Agreement (usually $500) we can get a quote from one of our regular trades providers. However, if you need multiple quotes for a job your best option may be to arrange this yourself which gives you more control over the process, and we can certainly arrange access to your property for any contractors.

It’s completely understandable that you may want to get quotes for smaller Work Orders. After all, you want the best deal possible, right?

Getting multiple quotes for smaller Work Orders is not very practical, simply because most trades are now charging for quotes, or won’t provide them for small works. Many of our accredited trades suppliers, who are carefully selected, insured and licenced, could provide a job estimate.

How often do you do property inspections?

Regular property inspections are formally notified, scheduled and completed, and the inspection reports with photographs and notes are available online. The Inspection Schedule complies with current insurance industry standards. On top of that, your property will also be regularly checked through an active ‘drive-by’ policy which we strongly advocate. It’s no idle boast that your property is inspected more often than anyone else.

Do you use in-house tradespeople only or can I use my own?

All our trades providers are accredited professional trades people that we’ve built strong long-term relationships with. They are all signed to a comprehensive Service Level Agreement. Any maintenance issues are generally dealt with inside 48 hours, often much quicker than that.

Changes to the Health & Safety at Work Act mean that rental property owners who do repairs and maintenance themselves may be affecting the insurance cover for their property, and also laying themselves open to non-compliance issues and possible prosecution. That’s a pretty good reason for considering getting a Property Manager to take care of your rentals.

Can I see a copy of your property management contract?

Of course! Call us on 0800 277 299, or email us at and ask one of the team to email you an information pack which includes our Management Agreement plus a whole heap of useful information to help you make a better informed decision.

How do you deal with rent arrears?

All rents are checked daily, and any rent arrears are generally picked up within 14 hours. The tenant is notified of their arrears by text and email and asked to resolve it. There’s a three stage follow-up process to ensure that tenant gets back on track quickly. After 48 hours, should the arrears not be addressed, the tenant is issued with a 14 Day Notice and a Mediation meeting is requested with Tenancy Services.

Our aim is always to communicate and resolve any arrears quickly and get the tenancy back on an even footing.

Do you operate a Trust Account that protects my rents?

Yes. All rents are paid by tenants automatically into a separate Commercial Trust Account held with ASB Bank. This Trust Account is auditable, and is not linked to our Business Account. In other words, your rent money is kept completely apart from our business banking.

The Commercial Trust Account is fully disbursed each month through an integrated PC based management ledger connected directly to the banking system to manage all transactions electronically. This process is a requirement of the Code of Ethics for the Property Management Institute of New Zealand.

It also simply makes good business sense to be open, transparent and fully accountable to our Client Owners. It’s your money after all!

Do you offer advice on how to get more from my investment?

We can. As investors ourselves, we know what it takes to look after, maintain and improve a rental property. Often there can be things that you can consider doing to your property that will make it more ‘rentable’, allow you to raise the rent, or even add to its capital value for your future investment plans.

What happens if repairs need to be done?

Most minor repairs in a property are simple things that our maintenance team can handle on the spot, and at little cost to the property owner. Repairs that need the attention of a professional (say a plumber or an electrician) and which can cost more than a pre-arranged limit are reported immediately to you, the property owner, for considerationFind out more about our maintenance process

Do you offer any kind of guarantee?

Better than that, the main benefits for you in choosing managemyproperty are the 6 Guarantees that we offer to our Client Owners:

Guarantee #1 – One Management Fee

A simple, transparent, and easy to understand fee structure with no concealed charges, no added costs, and no nasty surprises! Not many property management companies can promise that.

Guarantee #2 – Be a Happy Rental Owner

If you’re not happy with managemyproperty, or we fall short in any way while you are one of our Client Owners, we’ll find a solution AND refund your management fees for one month as a separate payment. Why would we do that? Simply because we like happy clients!

Guarantee #3 – Trouble–Free Tenants

If the tenant selected for your property turns feral and starts creating trouble, you will not pay for Tenancy Tribunal applications, Tribunal Hearings and court attendance, and everything will be done to minimise the impact on your investment.

Guarantee #4 – Communication Is The Key

All phone calls and emails are generally responded to within two working days. If your call or email is not returned within a reasonable time, you’ll get your management fees for one month refunded.

Guarantee #5 – Changing to Us is Simple

Making the switch from your current property manager really couldn’t be easier. Your signature on two forms is all it takes. Everything else is taken care of for you. Simple, really. And you don’t have to wait until the current tenancy ends either. That’s just a popular misconception.

Guarantee #6 – No Tricky Contract Clauses

You won’t be locked into a complicated Management Agreement. If you decide to sell your rental, or move back in, just let us know and you’ll get your property files and keys promptly returned to you and your Management Agreement will be concluded. No asterisks, no fine print or hidden contract clauses, no notice period, no 30 day locked-in term.

What’s the advantage of using an independent Property Manager?

Several reasons – to free up your time, take away the hassles of managing your property, optimise your investment return, keep your property well maintained and of course secure great tenants.

An independent Property Manager is not allied to, or controlled by, any real estate sales interests, and so focusses exclusively on the management of your investment.

An experienced Property Manager should be able to help you make the most of your rental property and provide you with a 24/7 service backed up with industry advice ranging from building improvements to tax implications. Above all, make sure you choose a property manager who is already investing in property – someone who is ‘walking the talk’ is worth including in your team of professionals.

managemyproperty is a member of several business and professional organisations, including the Independent Property Managers Association of New Zealand, the Property Institute of New Zealand, and the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce. This means that our systems and processes are underpinned by a professional Code of Ethics.

Property Institute

Will you look after my property like it’s your own?

No, we won’t look after your investment like it’s our own. Why? Because managemyproperty regards your investment in rental property as a business decision, and so we approach the management of your investment in a businesslike way – it’s a business and should be making you an effective ongoing return on your money. Your property will be managed professionally, efficiently, and in full compliance with all current legislation. Above all, it will always be yours, and that means you are always in control.

Remember – your property management service is tax deductible.

Will you do a rental appraisal on my property?

Yes, and remember it’s a FREE service that’s offered with no obligation to you and is presented as a written appraisal. This would require a visit to your property so that a full and proper assessment can be made on your property. Click here to book your FREE rental appraisal.

How do you stay current with legislation and legal requirements?

Our Property Management team is regularly updating on the finer points of property management to a high standard through weekly in-house training sessions. We’re actively involved with changes to relevant legislation, including submissions to Government Select Committees concerning the Residential Tenancies Act.

Also, our Property Managers are qualified to Level 4 Property Management through the education provider.

How much does it cost? Any hidden charges?

Our fee structure is simple and transparent, and you can find out the costs here  You’ll certainly be pleased to discover what we DON’T charge you:

  • NO hidden costs, fees or charges
  • NO fee for rental appraisals
  • NO disbursement fee
  • NO monthly ‘administration’ fee
  • NO maintenance premium on invoices
  • NO charge for video inspections
  • NO annual fee
  • NO holding fees
  • NO maintenance bond
  • NO charges for digital photos
  • NO charge for regular inspections
  • NO travel costs or mileage fees
  • NO charge for Credit Checks
  • NO charges for “To Rent” signage on vacant properties
  • NO charge for EOY Financial Statements
  • NO $500 charge if you sell your rental

How often do I get paid my rent?

Your rental income is collected on a weekly or fortnightly basis as agreed with your tenant. As an owner you can choose to have your rents paid to you monthly, or twice a month. You should remember that being paid twice a month does not mean a payment is made fortnightly. For monthly payments, your rental income will be transferred to your nominated bank account on the first business day of each month, less any fees as defined in your management agreement. If you choose to have your rent payments made twice a month, the second payment will be made on the 15th of the month, or the first business day after that date.

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