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What Happens First?

You’ve seen one of our properties and you want to move in. managemyproperty has a simple application process to help you get the property you want to rent. We always look for good tenants, and we’ll do all that we can to help you get the most out of your tenancy with us.

If you’re interested in a property after you’ve visited it and you want to apply, then please complete your application online. The information you give us is used to assess your suitability for tenancy. You should supply us with a photocopy of your drivers licence or passport (and let us see the original) before your application will be considered.

Do I Need References?

Yes! It’ll make your application simple, quick and easy if you prepare some copies of references to include with your application. Make sure you have a note of names and phone numbers for your reference contacts. The best types of references for you to have are:

What Happens Next?

If your application is accepted and the property is offered to you, the next step is that we’ll arrange an appointment with you to complete and sign the Tenancy Agreement and the Bond Lodgement form. Once those two documents are in place, you’ll need to make a financial commitment to the property. Usually this means paying your first week’s advance rent to fully secure the property.

Before the tenancy start date, you must have paid one weeks rent advance rent and four weeks rent as a bond. This will be lodged with Tenancy Services on your behalf, and should be refunded to you at the end of the tenancy with the agreement of your property manager following your final inspection.

How Do I Pay The Rent?

Couldn’t be simpler. Your regular rent payment will be paid by automatic payment through your bank account, usually on the banking day before the due date. If you think your rent might be late, call us and let us know. Your property manager will know within 14 hours if you’ve missed a rent payment and get in touch.

If your rent falls into arrears, you’ll receive a 14 Day Notice and have a chance to sort out the problem. This could involve a meeting with the Tenancy Mediation service to discuss and resolve the issue, or result in managemyproperty applying to terminate your tenancy.

Your Tenant Responsibilities

  • Pay your rent on time – your rent should be paid by Automatic Payment through your bank
  • Respect your neighbours and don’t disturb them
  • Don’t damage the property in any way
  • Use the property only as your home – not for business
  • Keep the whole property reasonably clean, tidy and maintained
  • Let us know about any repairs needing done
  • Let us know of any change to your contact details
  • Tell us who your electricity supplier is (and your account ICP number too)
  • Don’t take the batteries out of the smoke alarms

Is There Anything Else I Have To Pay For?

There are some charges that may involve you. These are:

  • We DO NOT accept rent or bond payments in cash. Cash payments incur a $20 Fee. NOTE: This includes paying cash directly into our Trust Account
  • If you lock yourself out of the property and need us to let you in, there’s a $100 call-out charge (if we’re available!)
  • Replacement keys will be charged to you if you lose keys issued at the start of the tenancy. NOTE: Electronic Passes and garage door openers can be expensive!)
  • A Lease-Break Fee of one week’s rent should you apply to break a Fixed Term Tenancy Agreement. NOTE: You must pay your rent until a new tenant is found
  • Alterations to the Tenancy Agreement and/or the Bond Lodgement incur a $250 fee
  • You may be liable for Call Out Charges if access arrangements for a tradesperson to enter the property are not met, no fault or issue is found, or you misinform managemyproperty of the work required
  • Any repairs due to damage, misuse or negligence caused by you and your visitors, or additional cleaning of the property, will be invoiced to you separately, before your bond is released at the end of the tenancy
  • There can be extra costs if you have difficulty with your tenancy or rent payments, including $20.44 for a Tenancy Mediation application.

Regular Inspections

Your property manager will inspect the property regularly during your tenancy. You’ll get at least 48 hours notice in writing when your next property inspection is going to be completed. Inspections are carried out so that we can report to the owner on the condition of the property and make sure that there are mo maintenance issues that need to be sorted out.

If you find something that needs repaired you should call or email us and let us know. Your property manager will arrange for someone to visit the property and complete any maintenance work as soon as possible. However, you may be responsible for any breakages or damage that you cause to the property which does not fall under general wear and tear. If something breaks, or stops working, and you don’t let us know about it,  you run the risk of having that expense deducted from your bond at the end of your tenancy. If something goes wrong you must let us know as soon as you can.

If an urgent maintenance issue arises (say a burst water pipe), you can call us 24/7 and the problem will be tackled immediately. Please don’t arrange repairs yourself as you may have to pay for any work you have arranged without our approval. If your property manager has reason to believe that there is an urgent maintenance issue and you are not at home or not able to be contacted, someone will enter the property to resolve the problem.

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