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Make Your Application Successful

Applying for rental properties can be extremely frustrating, especially after a few knockbacks. People often wonder “what am I doing wrong?” In some areas, demand for rentals so greatly outstrips supply that landlords often have a very hard time choosing between suitable applicants. However, there are a few traps that a lot of people fall into.

Here are some tips to help make your rental application successful:

1. Get all your reference contact details together –

You should have a contact name, phone or mobile number, and an email address for each of the references you provide to us. Your application will go through much quicker if we can easily contact and talk to all your references and make a decision quickly.

2. Fill out your application thoroughly –

This means answering all the questions – not just the ones you happen to know off the top of your head. You’ll need things like your employer details as well as your current landlords’ so a check can be made on your background and history.

We have an obligation to the owner of the property to do this, and your application won’t be processed until your details can be verified. If, for whatever reason, you don’t have this information, a little note explaining why could help instead.

3. Show us you want the property –

Follow up, without being too pushy! Calling up to confirm that your application has been received and asking when we’ll have an answer is fine. You can also call on or around the decision date to see if we have an answer.

4. Be friendly! –

Seems obvious really, and if it sounds like you’re going to make our lives painful, things might not go as you’d hoped. Common courtesy and a friendly smile never go astray.
We do have a sense of humour, after all…

5. Provide any documents to support your application –

If you have a reference from your previous landlord or boss, that’s great. These are exactly the kinds of things any landlord looks for.

6. Act quickly! -

This is probably the most important tip of all. If you like a place, get your application in as soon as possible. If the property is vacant, the owner will be keen to get a great tenant in. Often, it’s the person who provides a strong application quickly, with an early move-in date, who wins the property.

Got any questions? Call us – we’ll help you out.

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