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What does a Property Manager do?

It’s been said that property management is just “money for jam” – but that only applies until something goes wrong! That’s when your property manager earns their fee. That is when you’re going to need someone on your side, acting as an advocate and supporter; someone who knows how the law affects your situation; someone who can advise you and act on your behalf.

Someone, in fact, who is prepared to roll their sleeves up and get on with the job, however arduous and complicated it might get. And that is when you’ll discover that paying a small percentage of your rental income for such a service is really a very good idea after all. You’re also going to need someone you feel you can work with to help you move towards your property investment goals.

Here’s Why You Need One

Whether you have a rental property, or your business takes you to another city or country and you want to retain ownership of your family home, having your property fully managed by experienced investors with attention to detail has to be the best way to go.

managemyproperty takes all the hassle and stress out of looking after your rental property for you.

Tenant Selection

Tenants are rigourously screened and thoroughly reference checked through several database sources before being offered a property to rent. Applicants are also credit checked at no cost to the owner as an extra level of protection. As a standard practice, all tenants are expected to pay their rent weekly by bank AP, and all rent payments are deposited into a separate Commercial Trust Account which means your money is secure.

Rent Arrears

Rent arrears are dealt with quickly and efficiently, and proper records and accounts for your property are held and maintained on your behalf. You’ll get a monthly Statement of Account sent to you detailing all transactions connected to your property – rent payments, maintenance jobs, expenses and invoices paid out, and the amount that has been paid into your bank account at the end of the month.

Regular Property Inspections

All properties under management are inspected on a regular programme. These are scheduled four times per year. All inspection reports, photographs, videos and property statements are accessible to Client Owners online.

Remember, managemyproperty is officially a Smokefree Property Management company.

6 Guarantees

You’ll enjoy the benefits of 6 guarantees allowing you to relax safe in the knowledge that the job you reasonably expect to be done is actually being done. This means there’s no need for you to manage us managing your property. You can follow everything online, and you can ask questions and get answers anytime.

Our priority is maintaining the integrity and stability of your tenancy. This allows you to plan ahead with your rental income, whatever it’s for. You might look on your rental as a retirement plan, or an ongoing income stream, or as an investment for the future of you, your kids, or your whanau.

Whichever way you look at your rental property investment, you can be confident that all the stress, worry and tension will be taken away from you. Then you can get on with enjoying your retirement plans, or spending your rental income on much more important things like your future, your kids or your whanau.

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