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Here’s What You Get

We’d love to tell you we use more cutting edge technology than everyone else that enables us to deliver an unrivalled service. However, no amount of technology can replace a human willingness to make things work for you.

More effectively, a carefully curated selection of integrated systems will give you the reassurance you’re looking for. These tried and tested systems support the management of your property, minimise your risk, and keep you informed with full reporting and communication channels.

As one of our Client Owners, you can rely on anything to do with the Tenancy to be fully managed by your Property Manager. It isn’t unusual for a Client Owner to not even know who the Tenants are.

managemyproperty like to operate a ‘No Surprises’ principle when working for our Client Owners. If there’s anything that requires your involvement, we’ll pick up the phone and talk to you there and then, rather than waiting to construct a long-winded email.

Of course, if you live overseas or can’t be reached immediately, we’ll contact you in writing. Please let us know the best way to reach you, as we’re flexible enough to work in with your communication needs.

managemyproperty offers you a fee structure with no frills, no hidden charges and no surprises on your first (or any) statements. You’ll find a reassuring voice on the end of the phone that knows your property. You can expect a response to your email within two working days (Guarantee #4).

The number of tenancies managed has been capped so that the needs of our tenancies are serviced to a higher standard. This protects our highly competent team members from ‘burn out’. Our business focus is on quality, not quantity, and striving for mutual respect with our Client Owners, Tenants and Team Members.

After all, you shouldn’t expect to simply get an off-the-shelf service. As a property owner you’ll inevitably require ongoing and two-way dialogue that’s responsive.

The team at managemyproperty value the people who’ve been given the opportunity to set up a home in any of the properties we manage, and we’ve often had the experience of those Tenants becoming Client Owners. We’re proud of this , as it continues to attract good prospective tenants who are generally aware of our valued reputation.

This is what you can expect when managemyproperty manages your investment property:

A FREE Market Rental Appraisal

To help you decide the best course of action with your property, managemyproperty offers you a FREE Market Rental Appraisal. This will allow you to understand more clearly the return you can expect on your property investment. All you have to do is call or email us and arrange a suitable time. You’ll receive a full rental assessment presented to you as a Management Proposal.

In this Proposal will be a legal description of your property, a view of the current rental market in your area, and a rent range which is appropriate for effectively marketing your property. Remember, your rental appraisal is FREE and you are under no obligation to become one of our valued owners.

6 Guarantees

Officially a SmokeFree Company

managemyproperty is an official Smokefree property management company, so you can relax in the knowledge that your rental will not be damaged by tenants smoking inside the property. That could save you thousands of dollars in maintenance and may even mean a discount on your insurance premiums.


Targeted Marketing For Your Rental

Your property will be advertised for rent on several web based property services, including Trade Me, and Any charges for advertising are passed on to you at cost – that means we don’t make a premium out of advertising your property; it costs the same as if you had done it yourself.

Online Accessibility 24/7

Through our secure online web portal, you can connect directly to our database and get all the information you need on your properties on demand. You can access this anywhere, anytime, by simply logging on with your password.

  • View your rental properties and details
  • Check on activities relating to your properties
  • View and download statements
  • Contact your property manager direct
  • Request copies of your statements sent directly to your accountant

Trouble-Free Tenants

As a client, you won’t pay any fees to have managemyproperty find tenants for your property. You don’t pay a cent until your property is tenanted and the rent is regularly paid.

Your tenants will be screened and thoroughly reference checked before being offered your property to rent. In fact the process involves searches on up to 17 different databases before a tenant is approved. Once a suitable tenant has been selected, they will sign a Tenancy Agreement and pay their bond to managemyproperty which will then be lodged with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE). Your tenants are also credit checked, and you get that service FREE.

No More Rent Arrears

All tenancy rents are paid automatically into our auditable Commercial Trust account registered through ASB Bank Ltd. which means your money is secure. All rents are checked daily, and any missed rent payments are normally picked up within 14 hours of being due. Arrears are dealt with quickly by contacting the tenant directly. If the arrears continues after 24 hours, the tenant is contacted again and the formal process of mediation through Tenancy Services is started.

Regular Rent Reviews

The market is constantly shifting and to get the best return for your property you’ll need to know that your property manager has a full understanding of current rental rates. Rent rates are reviewed every 6 months so that your rental property can achieve the best rent possible as a return on your investment.

All Tenant Issues Sorted

Almost all property owners tell us that dealing with tenants is the most challenging part of owning a rental property. managemyproperty can take that problem off your hands and respond to all your tenant or property issues – even at 10:02pm on a Friday night! This can include dealing with a maintenance issue, tenant complaint, or an emergency.

Any tenancy disputes are handled for you, and should a dispute not be resolved by discussions with the tenant, then we actively seek a solution through the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment mediation service.

Regular Property Inspections

Your property will be formally inspected four times a year, with additional irregular but frequent informal “drive-by” check ups being our ongoing practice. This ensures that your property gets a lot of attention from your manager, and all our clients appreciate knowing that their rental is being well looked after. You’ll have secure access online to the regular property inspections of your rental, including photographs and video if required.

NOTE: For reasons of privacy, we do not use video during inspections on current existing tenancies.

Professional, Experienced Property Management

It’s our main business, after all! managemyproperty has no involvement in property sales, short term letting or holiday homes, so we focus exclusively on managing our client’s investments. As investors ourselves, we know what it takes to manage an investment property well.

Maintenance & Repairs

Your property will be comprehensively maintained and inspected by a team of approved and accredited professional tradespeople who are on call 24 hours and can usually respond on the same day to take care of anything that arises. If you’ve ever tried getting a plumber or electrician to respond on a weekend, you’ll know how difficult that is!

One of the main benefits of having your property managed is that managemyproperty has access to qualified trades who are quick to react and cost less than the normal standard rate. That means you save time, money and hassle. All our trades providers must be certified and qualified in their respective trades, and carry appropriate licencing, insurances, and security clearance before becoming accredited.

Changes to the Health & Safety at Work Act mean that rental property owners who do repairs and maintenance themselves may be affecting the insurance cover for their property, and also laying themselves open to non-compliance issues and possible prosecution. That’s a pretty good reason for considering getting a Property Manager to take care of your rentals.

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