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Book a Property Viewing

So you’ve seen one of our available properties and you want to come and see it. If you’re interested in a place, the next step is to book yourself in for the next available viewing, otherwise your viewing may not be confirmed. By booking you’ll be automatically advised of changes, updates or future viewings.

Just select which property and click the green booking button. Check which viewing time is available and complete the booking form.

Step 1 Click on the link below, find the property you like, and click the “Book a Viewing” green button
Step 2 Fill in your details, including a mobile number and email address
Step 3 Click the green ‘Submit’ button
Step 4 That’s it – you’re booked in! You’ll receive a confirmation Email and SMS

Don’t be late though, because we’ve got heaps of viewings and only a short time to get around everybody.

If there isn’t a viewing time available, you can still make a request booking and one of the managemyproperty team will get in touch to set up a suitable time. You’ll get a reminder text about an hour before the viewing to confirm that you can make it.

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