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Once upon a time, in a rental property far, far away….

… a large round lady and her partner turned up to a Saturday afternoon viewing. They complained about everything from not enough sunlight to wallpaper lifting. Also the rent was too high.

This lady lifted the toilet seat in the bathroom and sat down (luckily her pants were still on!). She informed me that she needed to see if her “well padded” behind would fit, as some toilet seats are too small and don’t accommodate her needs. While still in the bathroom she pulled some tweezers from her handbag and began pulling out her nose hairs, telling me she was making sure there was “good enough natural light in the bathroom for this”. She then squeezed a pimple on her forehead before leaving and commenting “I may apply if something better does not come up”

These are the things we deal with so you don’t have to!

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