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What do the Law changes mean?

As you may know, the laws around rental properties are changing. Landlords and Property Management companies now have an increased responsibility to ensure that all properties managed are fully compliant with the new laws. MBIE Compliance Teams are auditing private landlords and Property Management companies (we’ve been audited twice already!), and it’s extremely important to ensure your rental property is compliant with the new laws.

It’s equally important that accurate records are held for each rental under management. The Healthy Homes Standards require an accurate assessment on all rental properties. It’s in your best interests to ensure the assessment is done accurately.

Important Dates

  • From 1st December 2020 a statement of the current level of compliance with the Healthy Homes Standards must be included in any new, varied or renewed Tenancy Agreement
  • From 1st July 2021 landlords must ensure their rental properties fully comply with the Healthy Homes Standards within 90 days of any new or renewed Tenancy Agreement
  • From 1st July 2024 all rental properties must comply with the new standards

There are two ways that you can achieve this:

1. As the property owner, you can complete the MBIE Compliance Statement and include it in your property records. You’ll need to complete this statement as accurately and as soon as possible. The compliance date for this is 1st December 2020.

2. managemyproperty can arrange an assessment for your rental property by a professional who specialises in the field. You’ll receive an HHS Inspection Report detailing anything that does not comply with the new laws. From there you can choose to deal with any work needing done in several different ways.

managemyproperty is working closely with qualified and professional companies to deal with these inspections on your behalf. There is a cost for using this service.

NOTE: You need to know that managemyproperty is not affiliated to any single provider. We don’t clip the ticket in any way by offering you their services.

You also need to be aware that any non-compliant rental properties can be subject to a $500 penalty imposed by MBIE and the Tenancy Tribunal.

You’ll find more information about the Healthy Homes Standards Regulations below. They’re a pretty boring read so you should probably prepare yourself…
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