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Getting Your Property Ready to Rent

It’s important that you present your property in the best way possible. Taking advertising photographs is not just a case of throwing a few photos from your smartphone on the internet. You’ll want to attract fabulous tenants with the right presentation.

When you show a prospective tenant around your property it’s crucial that it’s clean and tidy. Although they’ll understand that not all properties are kept in great decorative order all the time, don’t imagine they have the ability to ‘overlook’ dirt and squalor. Even if the existing tenants are to blame for the mess, it will still reflect badly on you and the property.

Think of a viewing as job interview: to give an immediate and good first impression, make sure your property looks its best rather than scruffy and dirty.

If you have the money and the time, a quick splash of paint around a property is a very worthwhile investment. It’ll give prospective tenants the impression of a clean, tidy and almost new property. Recently decorated properties tenant quicker than properties offered needing attention throughout the new tenant’s tenancy term. If you can afford to give the property a quick decoration and time permits, do it.

Always use neutral colours. Avoid bright colour schemes and feature walls. Tenants generally prefer neutral colours. This also applies to carpet and flooring if they are on the redecoration list too.

A clean and tidy property allows prospective tenants to actually see what the property is like. Showing a tenant around a dark, dingy property is a sure way to turn them off. Avoid this by allowing as much light as possible to flood into the rooms – keep the lights on and the curtains open.

What Should Be Removed?

Get rid of clutter and mess. The hallway and entrance of a property is the very first area that a tenant will see. They don’t want to have to pick their way over a pile of mail or bikes, bags, kids’ toys, shoes, or coats. If necessary, remove clutter from the property during viewing times for the property.

Get rid of rubbish and dirt. There’s nothing worse than an untidy kitchen when carrying out a viewing. The potential tenant will want to see that the area where they will be preparing and eating food is in good order. No tenant will want to take over a property that’s offered with a serious lack of hygiene. This also applies to the bathroom and toilet facilities.

The tenant has a right to be choosy so make sure you have a good product. Here’s some tips for getting your house ready to be photographed and rented.

General Stuff

  • Check that ALL light bulbs are working
  • Clean the windows – you can see the dirt on most photos
  • Remove any free standing heaters, dehumidifiers and fans
  • Perhaps fill a couple of vases with fresh flowers


  • Clear the fridge door of all those reminder notes and magnetic toys
  • Put the kitchen rubbish bin in the laundry (temporarily, of course)
  • Unplug and move the telephone, message pad and pens.
  • Move the pet’s food bowl into the laundry
  • Put all detergents, brushes, chopping boards and plugs in a cupboard
  • Hide the tissues!


  • Try to make the room uncluttered. Remove a chair or table to do this if necessary
  • Make sure that the curtains are hanging straight
  • Hide all cables and wires (behind the T.V.) and take away all CD’s, DVD’s and tapes
  • Hide all remote controls
  • Perhaps set the dinner table. Candles or flowers on the table will help


  • Make sure beds are made and looking clean and crisp. Extra pillows and/or cushions may help
  • Take away as much stuff as possible from the bedside table
  • Remove the laundry basket and any bags, etc
  • Hide perfumes, toiletries and books


  • Cut the lawn!
  • Water blast the patio or path, do it the day before the photographer comes
  • Hide the rubbish bin, recycling bin and all garden hoses
  • Put all toys, tools, shoes and sports gear in the shed
  • Make sure that the outside walls aren’t dirty
  • Fold up or take away the washing line, if possible

Decks, balconies and outside

  • Clean and sweep the decking if possible
  • Set up any outdoor furniture in its best position for a sunny day
  • Perhaps place a bottle of wine and a couple of glasses on the table. Flowers can be just as good
  • Remove moss on the paths or driveway – spray with 30 Seconds
  • Trim trees and bushes back – this can let in more light and improve access
  • Make sure all fences and exterior retaining walls are in good condition
  • Check all downpipes and spouting for leaks, damage
  • Have a look at the roof for potential leaks
  • Check the windows and doors and all exterior openings for leaks or cracks
  • Check exterior paint finishes on stucco or weatherboards


  • All locks and deadlocks to all main doors are secure and working – spray with CRC
  • Ensure all electrics are safe and compliant – light fittings, switches, power points
  • All lights have working bulbs and supply a few spares – including the oven light!
  • Fit stays to opening windows – for security and to prevent damage in high winds
  • Use draught excluding foam strips around windows and doors
  • Install door stops to all internal doors – you’ll save a fortune on damage to walls from door handles
  • Check all sinks, showers and baths for water leaks and make sure plugs fit
  • Check all taps and faucets, including taps for the washing machine and dishwasher
  • Plumb the washing machine waste into the laundry tub waste pipe – AVOID the washing machine draining into the laundry tub!
  • Check all walls, ceilings and skirtings for marks and wear – touch up where necessary
  • Make sure the whole property is clean, including windows, floors and carpets, toilets and kitchen
  • Test all appliances to make sure they work properly, and also make sure they are clean, and come with instruction books if possible

If you need any trades people to help you with any or all of this, please let us know. You can use our full team of qualified professionals to take care of (almost) anything for you. Remember, we don’t charge any premium or make any extra income from referring our excellent Trades team to our Owner Clients.

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