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So You Want To End Your Tenancy?

If you’re getting ready to move on, then you need to know a couple of things about your tenancy, and what notice is required to end your tenancy properly.

Fixed Term Tenancy

If you’re in a fixed term tenancy, then you can’t give notice to end your tenancy. You tenancy continues until the end date as detailed in your Tenancy Agreement. If however your circumstances have changed and you want to be released early from your Fixed Term tenancy, there may be a cost that the landlord can reasonably charge you to make this change. Call or email your Property Manager, and they will explain what options you have in such a situation.

Periodic Tenancy

Under the latest version of the Residential Tenancies Act, you need to give at least 28 days notice in writing of your intention to end your Periodic tenancy. Your notice can be a hand written note, a letter, or an email. You can’t give your notice verbally or by text, and the quickest way to give notice is by email.

Email your Notice here

Can I have a Landlord Reference?

Your next landlord will possibly ask you for a landlord reference from managemyproperty. If you’ve been a good tenant, then we’ll be happy to tell them how amazingly AWESOME a tenant you have been. All you have to do is give your new landlord your Property Manager’s contact details when you’re applying for another rental, and ask them to contact us direct for your reference. It’s really up to you if we give you a good reference or not…

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