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Lawyer – attend the Tenancy Tribunal court, submit applications to MBIE, and ensure compliance with all kinds of legislation and Acts of Parliament

Accountant – have to supply auditable financial statements on a monthly basis, and end of year statements, plus account for all money in/money out transactions and arrange payments

Archivist/Record Keeper – we have to keep comprehensive and accessible records of everything

Building Inspector – inspections and compliance of buildings

Financial Consultant – always asked for advice on ownership structures, accounting procedures, investment advice, where to buy

Tax Advisor – often asked about the best way to optimise tax reduction, dealing with IRD issues

Family Trust Advisor – often asked to outline the advantages (or not) of Family Trusts and how they work

Project Manager – running building and renovation projects, overseeing appliance installations, checking the standard of trades people’s work

Advertising Copywriter – writing ads that effectively sell properties online and in print

Photographer – taking quality photos of properties to market them online and in print

Police Officer – have had to deal with potential assault issues, been threatened, acted as a witness, dealt with property damage, theft and drugs issues

Cleaner – hose poo off an owner’s property (yes, really), cleaned out some properties after they’ve been trashed, disposed of all manner of items to the tip, cleaned toilets

Interior Decorator – often asked for colour suggestions for painting, carpet colours, etc

Property Market Commentator – ALWAYS asked what’s happening in the rental market

Security Consultant – often asked about door and window locks, window stays, alarm systems, sensor lights

Forensic Accountant – sometimes have to track transactions, invoices and receipts back over years of records and files from archives

Private Investigator – research and dig up all sorts of info on applicants, tenants, owners, trades people


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