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When you rent a property, you can make your life a whole lot easier and more comfortable by knowing the best ways to be a good tenant. Here’s some great tips and simple, common sense ideas to help you.

Be honest on your application

It’s just awkward to try to cover-up any credit or eviction problems from your past. “The truth always comes out.” The last thing you want to do is lose the landlord’s trust and faith in you. Your credibility is one of your greatest assets as a new tenant.

Read the Tenancy Agreement

Ask questions if you don’t understand it and keep a copy in a safe place. Know the rules and understand your rights.

“Say what you do and do what you say”

Keep your appointments with your landlord or property manager, return the necessary paperwork when you say you will, pay the Bond and first weeks’s rent in advance when requested, and never ever try to sneak a pet into your rental property! If you can’t pay your rent on time, let them know – tell them when you can pay it, and then do exactly what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it. This is very important!

Treat your new living space as if it’s your own

Notify your landlord immediately if there’s a something needing repaired or you’ve found some unexpected damage. Ignoring a plumbing leak could lead to an expensive bill and an unnecessarily larger fix than if you had spoken up right away. Landlords and property managers are quite sensitive to these kinds of situations. Just call, text, email, or get in touch online and get it on the record quickly. Keep your place clean and tidy – landlords hate it when they see their property being disrespected. The reality is that they will feel personally disrespected.

Be a good neighbour

Watch your noise levels and keep the outside, as well as the inside, of the property tidy and clean. If you are allowed to have pets, keep them under control too. Be respectful of others’ rights to peace and quiet.

All of these tips are easy to follow, and they can help to provide good strong references for you when you apply for a new job, a new rental property or hopefully a mortgage when the time is right. Being a good tenant, while important to the landlord, is even more important for you and your own future.


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