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The technology that’s at your fingertips is amazing! Smartphones have transformed our lives, invading every corner of the human condition. Software apps are being created every day. Android users are able to choose between 2.8 million apps, while Apple’s App Store remains the second-largest app store with 2.2 million available apps.

Does your property manager use all the new technologies to better manage your property? Are they keeping up with the tech wave?

Tech Savvy

Yes, managemyproperty also uses technology. It helps with keeping records, communicating, tracking rent payments, and countless details connected to the people we do business with on a daily basis.

However, we don’t let technology get in the way of the relationships that we develop to do our job of managing rental properties. One of our main points of difference as a company is that we often talk to our tenants face to face. When we get the chance we sit down with our Client Owners, and most frequently deal with our tradespeople directly.

Those basic points of contact build stronger relationships than an automated email response system ever will.

Make Your Choice

If you want your inspections arranged by a specialist company in Brisbane, completed by a contract inspector who flies in from Auckland, processed by a virtual assistant in Bangkok, and actioned by a procurement specialist in Chicago, then go the tech way. Good luck with that.

We deal with real people. This is a people business built on personal relationships that are fostered wherever possible by actual contact with actual people. We’re a relationship focused service provider that values eye to eye contact more than the latest app on your smart device.

Would you prefer to talk to a real person? Talk to us then, because we’re listening. managemyproperty lives by the mantra “we answer the phone and we turn up”. Would you like drones, droids, apps, virtual assistants, overseas call centres and auto responders to look after your rental property?

I thought not. You’re welcome….

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