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Our 6 Guarantees

One Management Fee

Guarantee #1 – One Management Fee

Here’s a fee structure that’s simple, transparent, and easy to understand. There are no concealed charges tucked away in the small print, and no nasty surprises for you! Your first Guarantee is that there is only One Management Fee. The only other cost that affects you as one of our client owners is Advertising which is charged to you each time your property is advertised.

If you’re comparing our fee structure with other companies that list a lower Management Fee percentage, make sure you’re not going to be charged for anything else at the end of the month. You also need to know that as a Client Owner you won’t be charged any Letting or Tenanting Fee. Using the earlier example, some very common extra hidden costs can add up to another $30 per month, which translates into an additional 2% on top of the Management Fee. Find out more…

Happy Owner

Guarantee #2 – Be a Happy Rental Owner

If you’re not happy with us, or we fall short in any way while you are one of our Client Owners, we’ll find a solution AND refund your management fees for one month as a separate payment. Why would we do that? Simply because we like happy clients! If we drop the ball, fail to meet your standards, or err in any way, call us and let us know. We’ll aim to rectify the situation and restore equilibrium. Once that’s done, your management fees for the month will be refunded to you as a separate payment.

Trouble Free Tenants

Guarantee #3 – Trouble-Free Tenants

If the tenant we select for your property turns feral and starts creating trouble, this guarantee means you won’t pay for Tenancy Tribunal applications, Tribunal Hearings and court attendance, and we’ll do everything possible to minimise the impact on your investment. The comprehensive tenant selection process we’ve developed sorts out better quality tenants that are able to pay rent on time and follow the 3 Golden Rules:

  • Pay the Rent
  • Don’t Damage The Property
  • Don’t Upset The Neighbours

However, even the best of tenants can create problems for a rental owner, and the reason you have managemyproperty looking after your investment is to mitigate any potential loss in as many ways as possible.


Guarantee #4 – Communication Is The Key

One of the most common complaints about Property Managers is poor communication. Your guarantee is that you’ll get a response from your Property Manager (phone, email or text) within two business days. If your call or email is not returned within that time, let us know and you may get your month’s management fee refunded, no questions asked. As a matter of common courtesy we endeavour to respond to ALL phone calls and emails by the close of business each day.

Simple to change

Guarantee #5 – Changing to Us is Simple

A lot of rental property owners in New Zealand have had to deal with low levels of service from Property Management companies and Real Estate agents, and it’s often because they believe they can’t change to another Property Manager until the tenancy ends. Or they think there’s a mountain of paperwork to complete! A property management agreement doesn’t work that way, and you’ll find our Management Agreement is written in plain English, and very easy to understand.It’s a simple two stage process:

  1. You make the decision to switch
  2. You complete and sign our Management Agreement

Everything else is taken care of for you! That’s it, no fuss and no mess.

All the relevant documentation, records and keys are collected from your previous agent, your tenants are contacted and reassured that there will be very little disruption, your property is fully inspected, and you are provided with a detailed report including photos of the property to bring you up to speed. A new Tenancy Agreement is arranged with your tenant, and all the Bond transfers completed with Tenancy Services.

The current rental return on your property is also reviewed. Why? Because often you’ll find that the rent can be increased in line with current market conditions in your area. In some cases a rent rise can mean you still get about the same income, and your Property Manager is FREE!

Changing property managers is easy. Once we have your authority, your current managing agent will be notified and your property file and keys will be collected from their office. You don’t even need to make a call!

No tricky contracts

Guarantee #6 – No Tricky Contract Clauses

You won’t be locked into a complicated Management Agreement. If you decide to sell your rental, just let us know your plans and you’ll get all the help you need to get your property sorted out as quickly as possible. If you simply want to end the Management Agreement, your property file, keys and records will be returned to you without having to wait out any kind of 30 day notice period.

No asterisks, no fine print, no impenetrable legal jargon, no fine print or sneaky hidden clauses, and no locked-in contract term. However, we’d rather not lose you, so if the cause of you wanting to leave is that you’re unhappy with our services, then refer to Guarantee #2.

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